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The Artwork of Alisa Damaso a.k.a. Burgerfoot

Permalink Albino version of my bat design ^____^
Permalink So I’ve been making these guys. Click on the photo to see the Etsy listing :) 
Permalink SammichAlisa DamasoMixed mediaFollow me on Instagram @burgerfoot 
Permalink Lino Heart StampAlisa DamasoA commissioned anatomical heart stamp I carved for a friend just in time for Valentine’s Day!
Permalink My latest stamp! Took 4 days to carve. My rendition of a Thinking of you greeting card, now available at my Etsy shop! I have a ton of new stuff up: original art, notebooks, hand painted stickers, greeting cards, etc. Check ‘em out!Thanks,Alisa

Check out my new blog, Killer Creatives


I’ve been slaving over this project for the better part of the year. So stoked to finally get the ball rolling, and just in time for my full-time job search as my internship comes to a close.

Killer Creatives is designed to help people with creative careers stay inspired, productive and supportive of one another. I feature both emerging and established artists (in every sense of the word) in hopes that their stories will galvanize other creatives. It’s especially aimed at struggling artists or those just starting out in their careers.

The idea came to me while living in LA. All my friends were so talented and creative, but they didn’t have the confidence or the drive to continue a career in the arts. So I interviewed a number of artist friends who had inspiring stories, and hopefully their journeys will move others to keep creating, improving and sharing their work.

I’m really excited about this project and I am driven to help my fellow creatives find purpose and confidence in their abilities. Because I know what it feels like to question your self-worth over a seemingly unappreciative creative job market. It’s a hard, uphill battle, but we mustn’t stop. We have to keep creating, keep improving and keep feeding our creative spark.

Keep the fire burning,

Permalink Lion’s Maneby Alisa DamasoLinoleum block print 2012 What should my next print be? 
Permalink Lion rubber carving
by Alisa Damaso

Practice run!

Working on a new stamp. Got any ideas?